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During Latinx Heritage Month we recognize the contributions and influence of Latinx folks to the history, and culture of the United States. As Afro-Latinx candidates, we are proud to stand against the erasure of the Afro-Latinx community. Now more than ever we must lift up the voices of Afro-Latinx folks during Latinx Heritage Month.

Through our advocacy to center Afro-Latinx voices, part of our work is to educate our communities on the fact that more enslaved people from Africa were taken to the Caribbean and Latin America than to the United States. Our deeply rooted mixture of being Black, Latinx and Indigeneous is expressed throughout our culture, and does not negate one over the other. Our emphasis on our Latinx heritage is intentional, and despite the existent racist and colorist history, where traditionally our presence has been denied through the false narratives of what it means to be Latinx — today (and everyday), we stand proud of our Spanish, Black and Indigeneous roots. …

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Affordable housing should be a human right for all New Yorkers — especially Black and brown communities like East New York. Yet for years, outside investors have been intentionally buying up houses in our neighborhood, selling them at inflated prices and displacing long-time residents. Allowing this practice to continue ensures that housing costs will continue to increase, becoming out of reach for owners and renters alike. When real estate interests “flip” houses, re-selling them soon after purchase at an unreasonably high price, they cause rising real estate prices and rents in our neighborhood. In East New York, most homeowners are Black and Brown, overwhelmingly retired and on fixed incomes.

The current New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Caucus has five term-limited members, only two of whom are members of color. Voters will see an unprecedented number of LGBTQIA+ candidates on their ballots next year, including seven Black and Brown folks to date.

We are proud to form a coalition of Black and Brown progressive candidates this Pride Month that offer an historic choice to voters in next year’s elections. We represent the complex intersections of identities that embody many New Yorkers who have never before had the opportunity to see themselves reflected on the Council.

We wish to thank every member of the current LGBT Caucus for both opening the door wider to increased representation, and securing historic gains for LGBTQIA+ people across this city. We also hope to add more names to our coalition in the coming days as new candidates continue to enter races across the city. …

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Let Us Breathe Rally — June 4, 2020.

(As of 09/08/20, 36 City Council candidates have signed on in support of an ECRB initiative. Their names are below.)

The most recent incidents of imbalanced policing, necessitate a logical, measured and intentional response to mitigate a problem that has regrettably been with us much longer than the present pandemic. When victims of police misconduct file a complaint with the current Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), they quickly realize that it’s a dead end. The 2019 Charter Revision approved by voters last November added two members to the existing CCRB, including one chosen by the Public Advocate, increases subpoena power and grants the authority to investigate and recommend discipline for false statements made by police officers during the course of its investigations, which previously would have been referred to the NYPD to be handled internally. …


Wilfredo Florentino

Wilfredo is running to serve as the next Council Member for the 42nd District, which includes East New York and Brownsville. (

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