East New York Demands A Cease and Desist Zone — Comment Period Open Now!

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Affordable housing should be a human right for all New Yorkers — especially Black and brown communities like East New York. Yet for years, outside investors have been intentionally buying up houses in our neighborhood, selling them at inflated prices and displacing long-time residents. Allowing this practice to continue ensures that housing costs will continue to increase, becoming out of reach for owners and renters alike. When real estate interests “flip” houses, re-selling them soon after purchase at an unreasonably high price, they cause rising real estate prices and rents in our neighborhood. In East New York, most homeowners are Black and Brown, overwhelmingly retired and on fixed incomes. Our community will not remain affordable for Black and Brown folks unless something is done.

That’s why on March 5th an historic number of community residents came out to voice their overwhelming support for the first Cease and Desist Zone in Brooklyn, here in East New York. Creating a Cease and Desist Zone in East New York will help end harassment and counteract displacement with an actionable, community-led initiative.

A cease and desist zone is an area designated to address aggressive real estate speculation. This regulation would prohibit real estate companies from soliciting any real estate listing from homeowners whose names appear on a NYS Department of State issued cease and desist list. The zones are declared for five years. Currently, such zones have been implemented in Auburndale, Bayside, Bay Terrace, College Point, Malba, Murray Hill, North Flushing and Whitestone in Queens, the Country Club area of the Bronx, and the village of Chestnut Ridge in Rockland County.

On July 1st, the proposed rule for a Cease and Desist Zone for East New York appeared in the State Register.

“Within the County of Kings as follows: Beginning at the Queens border of Brooklyn to the east and the intersection of Jamaica Avenue to the north; thence westerly along Jamaica Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue; thence southerly along Pennsylvania Avenue to Sutter Avenue; thence westerly on Sutter Avenue to Van Sinderen Avenue to the west; thence southerly along Van Sinderen Avenue to Linden Boulevard to the south; thence easterly along Linden Boulevard to the Queens border; thence northerly along the border to the point of the beginning on Jamaica Avenue.”

If you live outside the boundaries noted above, and have been harassed to sell your home, email Mr. David A. Mossberg at the NYS Department of State and petition for an extension of the Zone.

The public comment period is 60 days and runs through August 29th, 2020. Our community must stand up and ensure that these protections are guaranteed!

Send your comments in support of this zone for ENY via e-mail to:

David A. Mossberg, Esq., NYS Department of State

@ david.mossberg@dos.ny.gov

With gentrification breathing down our necks, and the housing crisis worsening, we need to ensure the affordability of our community and stand up against the displacement of our neighbors. Our community has long fought for equity and justice, and the first Brooklyn community designated as a Cease and Desist Zone must be in East New York.

Join me as we stand up for a Cease and Desist Zone in East New York; please consider signing our petition HERE.

Wilfredo Florentino is a candidate for New York City Council in the 42nd District, which includes portions of East New York and Brownsville. He is life-long Brooklynite and Community Advocate. Wilfredo has served as a Brooklyn Community Board member since 2009; since 2014 he’s served as Transportation Committee Chair of Brooklyn Community Board 5. Wilfredo is also a Board Member of the New Lots Nehemiah Homeowners Association. Wilfredo lives in East New York, Brooklyn with his husband, daughters and dog. Visit wilfredoflorentino.com to learn more.

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Wilfredo is running to serve as the next Council Member for the 42nd District, which includes East New York and Brownsville. (wilfredoflorentino.com)

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